QoStar's Private Stream-Routing Networks

QoStar’s network is home to the UltraPBX, a massive private stream routing cloud capable of managing multimedia (voice, video, image, text, and raw data) exchanges between approximately 6 billion endpoints. The UltraPBX houses an ever-growing array of completely private stream-routing networks used primarily for point-to-point communications and is a retail customer to over 30 traditional phone carriers worldwide enabling full cooperative inbound and outbound access to traditional telephone endpoints. Both individuals and businesses can take advantage of the power and decreased cost of a private network without losing access to parties still hanging onto their old fashioned phone company.

For most, basic voice and video calling is enough and we’ve made those services very easy to access. If you have traditional analog phones or a phone system that uses analog lines, you can use a small converter box to replace the analog lines. Simply attach the converter box to your Internet connection and use its phone jacks in place of the old phone company’s lines. If you’d like to use digital IP handsets, especially for video calling, you can connect directly to the UltraPBX through your Internet-connected network. If you want the kinds of call routing, interactive voice menus, hold queues, and time conditions businesses use to be more accessible to customers, you can have your own dedicated off-site phone system with business class IP handsets. There’s usually no need for special wiring since these types of handsets share an Ethernet wire with a computer workstation.

We make selecting and enrolling in these types of services simple by providing a self-service enrollment process. If your needs include an off-site phone system, both voice/video lines and fax lines, or you are not comfortable with choosing on your own, we also provide, free of charge, a consultation with a Service Manager who is not a sales person and not responsible for convincing you to use our services. The Service Manager will need about ten minutes to gather information from you about the way you communicate and then propose a plan. If the plan is good for you, the Service Manager can convert it to an active enrollment with the click of a button.

  • Residential Service

    Call locally to the United States, Canada, and 51 countries internationally. Get all the features you depend on like call waiting, Caller ID, call forwarding, and three-way calling with advanced features like voicemail-to-email and sharing a phone line with multiple locations and softphones.

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  • Business Service

    Services for all sizes of businesses from the simpliest analog line and handset to full featured digital systems to digital line replacement, all with our award winning Maximum Value Routing access to over 30 phone carriers in the US and worldwide. Never negotiate another phone contract with our forever-competitive service model.

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  • Fax Service

    Our products are so far beyond simple faxing, it's almost a shame to call them fax lines. Choose from a simple fax line replacement connected to a fax machine, send and receive faxes via email, or use a combination of fax machines and email for both inbound and outbound document transmittal for the ultimate in flexibility.

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  • Control My Settings

    Log into your account and QoStar's powerful systems automatically give you a check-up to see if your services are properly configured. You can also update your payment information, configure your services, add more services, and get help from our support team.

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